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"You!" a voice boomed.

Jake stopped and turned to face a tall, lanky, pale blond man who was obviously angry. "Are you Jake? The new guy?"

"Yes," he answered carefully.

"I'm Tom. You broke JDSL!"

"Uh, what?" Jake had only been looking at the customer portal. How could he have caused any problems?

"You broke JDSL!" he screamed. "I'm reporting you to the bosses and having you fired!" And Tom turned and stormed off, leaving Jake standing confused.

Shortly afterwards, Jake was summoned to a small conference room. Tom, an employee from HR, and a couple Vice Presidents waited for him. Tom looked like he was stewing and could boil over any minute.

"Tell us what you did to JDSL," one of the VP's asked.

"I don't think I did anything," Jake answered. "I've only been here two weeks, trying to learn JDSL and how the customer portal works. I don't even know how to deploy it!"

"You made a few commits to Subversion!" Tom shouted.

"Well, yes. I added a few code comments, trying to–"

"You can't use comments in JDSL!" Tom shouted. "THAT'S WHAT BROKE IT!!"

Jake stayed silent, trying to process how code comments could wipe out a customer database. Tom continued after a pause. "I haven't added comment support to JDSL, so the runtime executes comments like normal code! You must have had database updates in some comments?!"

"Well, yeah, I put a couple short syntax examples in a comment to clarify–"

Tom burst to his feet. "I knew it! You BROKE IT!" He turned to face the VPs. "I can't deal with coders who don't understand the system! You will either fire Jake... or I quit!" And he stormed out of the room.